Welcome to word of a poet blog. I love poetry from all over the world. From ye Olde British to the rich lands of the Caribbean, from the vast plains of Africa, to the arabian peninsula. This i splace to store those poems that I come across that I want to remember. Why do the touch my heart? It could imply be because of the eloquance fo the language used or the message that lies behind. To be honest, I like difference ones for various different reasons, and I hope they cause you to think deeper about the world we live in too.

Signed, the word of an unpoetic poet.

Monday, 21 November 2011

Where are the Parents

The children today face incredible odds,
Parents are no longer prospering,
Many have lost their jobs,
Some have given in to hopelessness
and turned to drugs,
The little ones have been lead astray,
pulled from underneath their safe

Where are the parents
when they need them the most?
attending parties and playing
shallow hosts,

Good parents still exist,
however, most are preoccupied
with good times, nice rides
and mood lifts, putting their
offsprings on the bottom of
the list,
Where are the parents when their
children begin to drift?

The childrens' education is no
longer a priority,
They would rather take luxurious trips
or parade around as if they were royalty,
leaving the young ones behind in clouds
of ignorance, and inequality,

Where are the parents when the children
are thirsty for leadership, knowledge and
upward mobility?

They are off in their own world acting juvenile
and silly.........,

It is time for parents to be more vigilant,
because when they snap out of the superficial
stupor they have been living in,
They will find that crack, cocaine, heron and
gang bangers have been their childrens' friends,
Then, it will be too late to make ammends,
because they have been endoctrinated into a life
of crime which has no end or a way out,
They will end up in a body bag........
or missing.......
or just taken from plain sight never to be heard from
or seen again,

Where are the parents when their children are
wearing idiotic, noncentical frowns and psychopathic

Are they home on their knees praying,
or lost in oblivion, playing.......???

Perhaps they are just LOST,
frolicking all over town.

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