Welcome to word of a poet blog. I love poetry from all over the world. From ye Olde British to the rich lands of the Caribbean, from the vast plains of Africa, to the arabian peninsula. This i splace to store those poems that I come across that I want to remember. Why do the touch my heart? It could imply be because of the eloquance fo the language used or the message that lies behind. To be honest, I like difference ones for various different reasons, and I hope they cause you to think deeper about the world we live in too.

Signed, the word of an unpoetic poet.

Tuesday, 22 November 2011

I am your future

Here I stand...
In purity and innocence
I am your future.
What do you see in me?
I am your future.
What fears would you install?
I am your future,
What would you learn in order to teach me?
I am your childlike self.
A golden reflection of love
I am your destiny
I am empty,
With what would you fill me?

Taken from the book, Black emotions by Spicy Fingers.

Monday, 21 November 2011

Broken Chains

broken chains

oppression that wasnt caused
but was just administered with brute force
the first link in the chain broke

broken chains

when that mutilated child wailed
at what point did this ummah begin to fail?
and more links fell away

broken chains

fools think they are doing something
but nights dont get eaiser and days are never a blur
the links keep on clanking on the ground
as they fall away

broken chains

lets put it back together
grab the pieces up off the floor
make into one
use it to smack some sense into the complacent
the adjacent and the downright dillusioned

one big heavey chain....

taken from a poet at www.islamicawakening.com

Before it's too late

Why do u ignore the command of your lord
Allah’s anger and disgrace can you afford?
Time, health, worship, a whole life time wasted
Shaitan came with failed promises and you hasted
Even though Allah told us innahu aduwun mubiin
Yet you were still ever so keen
My dear Ummah through the dhikr of Allah do hearts find peace
Every hour, every minute, every seconds you should seize
By the sight of Allah the mountains crumble
Isn’t that enough to make us humble?
Now your time is up and regret starts to build up
When shaitan called, you should of ignored or at least hanged up
Indeed Allah was sufficient for us but you turned away
Family and friends all in tears as they say;
ina lillahi wa inna illayhi rajioon
It was you who enjoyed the music and the lovely tune
Will the stars disobey Allah, the sun, the moon?
But you thought you had it cool
Indeed you played the biggest fool
Surely the promise of Allah will not fail
But your time is up and the ship of repentance has already sailed
Now you’re all alone 6 ft under the ground
Dark, cold, not even a single sound

Fleeting Moments

Lower the gaze
Remain chaste
A momentary pleasure is such a waste
Avoid a lifetime’s regret in a moment of haste
Take pride in iron self control
To protect body and soul
For what’s to come are immeasurable treasures untold.

Where are the Parents

The children today face incredible odds,
Parents are no longer prospering,
Many have lost their jobs,
Some have given in to hopelessness
and turned to drugs,
The little ones have been lead astray,
pulled from underneath their safe

Where are the parents
when they need them the most?
attending parties and playing
shallow hosts,

Good parents still exist,
however, most are preoccupied
with good times, nice rides
and mood lifts, putting their
offsprings on the bottom of
the list,
Where are the parents when their
children begin to drift?

The childrens' education is no
longer a priority,
They would rather take luxurious trips
or parade around as if they were royalty,
leaving the young ones behind in clouds
of ignorance, and inequality,

Where are the parents when the children
are thirsty for leadership, knowledge and
upward mobility?

They are off in their own world acting juvenile
and silly.........,

It is time for parents to be more vigilant,
because when they snap out of the superficial
stupor they have been living in,
They will find that crack, cocaine, heron and
gang bangers have been their childrens' friends,
Then, it will be too late to make ammends,
because they have been endoctrinated into a life
of crime which has no end or a way out,
They will end up in a body bag........
or missing.......
or just taken from plain sight never to be heard from
or seen again,

Where are the parents when their children are
wearing idiotic, noncentical frowns and psychopathic

Are they home on their knees praying,
or lost in oblivion, playing.......???

Perhaps they are just LOST,
frolicking all over town.

"A So Me Tawk!"

'Cause me speak wid wan Jamaican accent
dem a put me thrugh bodderation,

Exclaiming, "Hello, Hello...? I believe we have
a bad connection!"

We can't hear you, why you talking so loud?"

Me ansa dem, "I so me tawk...I am Jamaican and proud!"

Me cyan speakey-spokey like de bess a dem,
A wey dem gewin on wid?
Mos a dem hail from cunchie Glen,

Me speak de Queen's english
'cause Jamaica wuz unda British rule,
A who dem a tawk to?
Dem tink me izza fool?

Me iz hip to dem games an dem no class

but me nah cyall dem fi fraternize ar fi be
wan romantic,

Juss handle mi business an no mek mi haffi
cyall mochomania dung,
'cause when mi finish
mi a go tek uno hall dung to China Town.

Inna Mi Valentino suit

Big position and big post,
from coast to coast,
Yet, dem wan mi fi mek bread
and clean ouse inna mi Valentino suit,
Tru mi talk wid wan accent,
dem tink sey me a suffa from wan impediment,
Lorks, dem a create hexcitement wen
dem suggest fi mi clean de embankment,
Mi dress from head to toe,
Everyting is Valentino,
mi gat mi credentials
fi do de talkin,
but dem douhghn't wan ere dat,
Dem juss wan pure cleanin,
Afta me nevva do days wuk inna mi life,
dem a try tun mi inna wan maid fi create strife,
Dem tink sey caribbeans iz ongly good fi cook
 an keep yard, wen we get bex dem sey we a create discord,
Funny, dem doughn't worry sey dem offend we,
How much peple dem knoe a run roung inna Valentino cutesy-cutesy?