Welcome to word of a poet blog. I love poetry from all over the world. From ye Olde British to the rich lands of the Caribbean, from the vast plains of Africa, to the arabian peninsula. This i splace to store those poems that I come across that I want to remember. Why do the touch my heart? It could imply be because of the eloquance fo the language used or the message that lies behind. To be honest, I like difference ones for various different reasons, and I hope they cause you to think deeper about the world we live in too.

Signed, the word of an unpoetic poet.

Monday, 21 November 2011

"A So Me Tawk!"

'Cause me speak wid wan Jamaican accent
dem a put me thrugh bodderation,

Exclaiming, "Hello, Hello...? I believe we have
a bad connection!"

We can't hear you, why you talking so loud?"

Me ansa dem, "I so me tawk...I am Jamaican and proud!"

Me cyan speakey-spokey like de bess a dem,
A wey dem gewin on wid?
Mos a dem hail from cunchie Glen,

Me speak de Queen's english
'cause Jamaica wuz unda British rule,
A who dem a tawk to?
Dem tink me izza fool?

Me iz hip to dem games an dem no class

but me nah cyall dem fi fraternize ar fi be
wan romantic,

Juss handle mi business an no mek mi haffi
cyall mochomania dung,
'cause when mi finish
mi a go tek uno hall dung to China Town.

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